Saturday, December 9, 2017

Smart Doll Melody's First Photo Shoot with Trains

Since purchasing my very first Smart Doll at Anime NYC in November, I have been dying to take Melody outside for photographs. Last weekend, the boyfriend and I got to hang out at the New Hope, PA train station and I got to put her telescopic stand to the test.

Jordan's a big train guy, so in the past few years, I've found myself getting pretty familiar with all sorts of steam and diesel engines. I've photographed my dolls with trains before, but this was my first time bringing a doll around a live steam train, however!

I really love Danny's concept and design of the telescopic stand, but I always wondered - did it actually work? Could you successfully hide it in photos?

The answer?

Oh yeah - the telescopic stand is sturdy enough to keep your doll steady and compact enough to hide behind one of their legs. Melody was perfectly balanced and I was able to get these shots of her on and near the tracks quickly before the train came through.

Since 2005, I've lugged around heavy resin dolls and more often than not, elected to risk balancing them on their own rather than deal with cumbersome stands and extra PhotoShop work. The SmartDoll telescopic stand is a breath of fresh air for a traveling doll photographer such as myself. I only wish I could get something similar for my other dolls!

Overall? I had a great time adventuring with Melody. I decided to name her Rinko and will changing up her styling a bit over the next few months. I have my eye on some fun option parts for her too - mostly a large bust part, option hands, and flat feet (please, Santa?).

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