Saturday, June 24, 2017

Third Time's a Charm: Obtaining Unoa Lusis (Again)

The Unoa Lusis sculpt has always stuck with me through the years of doll collecting. It's something about the beautiful shape of her eyes, her button nose, and especially the dainty hands that sculptor Gentaro Araki is famous for.

As of this month, I've owned three Unoa Lusis dolls. All of them, the same character: Miss Reina Amura.

Reina's first incarnate was around 2011, during my second year of college. I had purchased a Unoa Sist, since they were much easier to find (and to some extent, cheaper) and a Lusis faceplate separately. I remember when I got her, I had my hair dyed the same color and I cut my bangs. We were twins. She was, in a small way, an extension of myself.

She actually made it to California with me when I moved there to continue school. Ultimately, somewhere along the way, tuition and rent got tight. I needed to eat. So I made the hard decision to let her go. Honestly, I was devastated and maybe am still, just a little.

This was long before the accessibility and reasonable prices of Unoas today. I can remember a time when a Lusis could easily go for $800 (or more). I never figured that I'd own her again... but then Unoalchemy came along. The first Unoa I snatched up again was Yusuke, a Sist boy (thank you, Unoalchemy!).

Later, I finally got Reina back - or so I thought. I adopted her on layaway from a friend who had recently gotten one from Unoalchemy too. I submitted my down payment. I did a little dance of joy. My friend (who is a complete saint) let me take her home early. She was blank, but we bonded. I bought her eyes and clothes. I dressed her up.

Then, my car died.

I had to give her up again. Handing her back over and cancelling that layaway was the hardest part. But, let's fast forward again almost half a year later.

While browsing Den of Angels, I came across a Lusis with a certain glam, a certain style that resonated with me. She was adorned in light, realistic freckles, with a dewy, glowing face-up and stunning back tattoos. I never thought Reina to have tattoos or freckles, but she was perfect. I honestly thought I had found the perfect vision of the character I had been missing for so long, even if both of them looked nothing alike.

There was really something about this particular doll, painted by Rianne, that stuck with me. Is she the same doll, just repainted? Maybe. My original Lusis had a Sist box and so does this one - so it's possible.

Long story short, I've come full circle back to a Lusis again, whose character seems stronger and more vibrant than ever. I'll have to share more of her story in depth, but for now, here are a few fun facts about Miss Reina Amura:

  • She greatly enjoys toys, dolls, and Gundam
  • Her favorite ice cream flavor is banana
  • She loves to learn new tech
  • She's a low energy lady and often enjoys reading and watching Yusuke work
  • Often mistook for being shy, she is rather fierce and outgoing
  • Her favorite Gundam series is Zeta Gundam (and she loves Amuro)

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