Sunday, October 22, 2017

GBWC 2017 || HG Z'Gok + Acguy: The Arctic Front

Last year, I dampened my feet in the vast ocean of gunpla with my Z'Gok diorama titled, "Imaginary Sky." This year, I decided to build on the concept of ice and snow with a more complex diorama. 

My inspiration came from the Russian Lake Baikal with its brilliant turquoise ice and vast glacier-esque mountains. I wanted something reminiscent of the Eastern Front during World War II and the brutal Russian winters.

I really love the arctic. There's a trend here. Although not perfect, I am proud to call this piece my own and I hope you will love it just as much as I do.

Without further adieu, I present The Arctic Front. I encourage you all to look closely at the little details.

Materials used:
- Wooden base, foam, and jewelry chains from Michael's
- Liquitex Heavy Gloss Gel
- Foam sculpting tools by Hot Wire Foam Factory
- Citadel and Mr. Hobby paints

I will be putting a work in progress blog together on the construction of this piece shortly as well!

Thank you so much to everyone who approached me at NYCC because they either loved my diorama or recognized it from my progress photos on Instagram. You made this year so much for meaningful. I am determined to improve and do even better for 2018.

'Til next year, everyone.

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