Monday, April 10, 2017

Feature Shoot: Sakura Sunday with Sayla

Sunday, I finally got to visit Fairmount Park in Philadelphia to see the cherry blossom trees! I haven't been to their Sakura Sunday event in many years, so it was nice to finally go again and see all of the changes. (Thanks to ED for helping me with these photos!)

I put together a last minute outfit for Sayla, featuring a half length kimono that my friend's mom made for Nico many, many years ago. I recently found it and realized that it was the perfect color for Sayla, whose main color happens to be pink. I didn't have any proper obi lying about, so a flower pattern bandana from Target actually made a great makeshift one.

At the festival, they had a lot more vendors than when I was there last, including lost of anime ones. ED and I found the gunpla, of course. Lots of traditional Japanese merchandise including Daruma dolls, tabi socks, vintage kimonos, and more. I was surprised at the lack of Japanese foods available, however. I missed a lot of my Japanese festival favorites including taiyaki and takoyaki.

I picked up a lovely pink kanzashi (traditional Japanese hair ornament) hair clip early in the day, which really completed Sayla's look, I think. I also couldn't resist picking up some Sumikko Gurashi Rement blind boxes with ED as well. We pulled most of the good ones, I think!

Thanks to everyone I met up with and everyone who stopped for a photo of Sayla or to learn more about her. I can safely say I'm more in love with this doll more than ever. I am hoping that maybe I can afford another Dollfie Dream if VOLKS is at NYCC this October. Sayla needs a friend, don't you think?

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